Best Bike Rack for SUV

An SUV is an eminent and multipurpose medium for families who find the purest breeze in the great outdoors. These vehicles typically own a plethora of room for the entire family as well as their luggage. If your family is fond of biking together and want to explore riding on the cycle and apocalypse the utmost adventures, it might be time to search for a bike rack for your SUV.

If you want to know more about the different types of Bike racks for SUV, read our expert’s breakdown here.

Allen Deluxe 4 Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack (Best Choice)

Type: Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Notable Specifications

Hitch size: Fits a 2-inch hitch receiver.

Capacity: It can take up to 4 bikes.

Arm size: Two 22-inch long carry arms to aid the bikes.

The Allen Deluxe 4 Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack is a feasible bike carrier when you wish to bear your bikes to accompany you on vacation or when you are planning to go on a long weekend trip. This bike rack has the capability to carry 4 bikes safely. It is a pithy robust rack that will emblem safe transportation throughout your journey. This model Allen bike rack ornaments itself with 22-inch long carry arms that litter the bikes. The arms come with a folding option. It doesn’t require too many obstacles to install it. The syntax of this rack is steel with an anti-corrosion property which makes it a robust one with a decent quality finish. A hitch pin coins the attachment secure stopping any grating noise from the metal arm that slides into the hitch receiver. A single pin system is attached to enable you to slant the rack away. This isn’t always easy to operate. The rack is influenced by a lifetime warranty.

Editorial Rating
  • Quite a cheap rate
  • Loading height is comparatively low
  • Robust rack
  • Installation is quiet easeful
  • Loading bikes on and off are quite simple
  • Equipped with excellent anti-vibration technology
  • For 4 adult bikes, it provides quiet tight space
  • Unavailability of the locking system
  • The tie down straps aren't at a good quality condition
  • The release pin is an affray to release
  • They use a frame as their attachment point.
Impact Statement

This rack for sure doesn’t have all the trappings that you would find on a high-end model, but if you deliberate the price line, it definitely offers you the cherry on the top. If you are in the market with a limited budget then the Allen Sports Deluxe 4 Bike Hitch Mount Rack is a good choice. This rack is awesome for families who enjoy biking together and it also comes to you as safer vehicle other. The erection of the rack is also very lusty. This gem will provide everything you need to drench you with your expectations.

Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (Value Choice)

Type: Hitch Mount Rack

Notable Specifications

Hitch size: It can fit a 1-1/4″ and 2″ hitch receiver.

Max load capacity: It can offer accommodation for 35lbs per bike.

Tire size: It is able to fit 20′ to 29″ tire sizes.

The XC2 Cross-country bike rack renders the multipurpose use of the bike for actually what the Swagman racks are renowned for. It lugs both children and adult bikes with ease. The XC2 has two upright ratcheting arms that set the bike in the right position and easily adjust to accommodate various bike frame sizes. Bike frames of up to 59cm are suitable for this rack. The arms are cushioned so that bike frames can be secured from scratches. The rack setup includes a powder-coated finish which protects the metal from corrosion. The XC2 is graphed for cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans but not suitable for RVs, motor homes, and trailers. The Swagman XC2 2-bike rack appears as a cross-country carrier schemed particularly for mountain bikes. It provides all features that should be the basics for worry-free bike transportation on cross-country adventures.

The XC2 is suitable for the hitches of 1-1/4 by 1-¼ and 2 by 2 inches. It includes a 4-inch shank rise that avows for ample ground clearance and protects your bikes from tagging the road unnecessarily. It fits a maximum tire width of 3.5 inches but you can include extra tire trays for larger tires if you own a big bike. The XC2 can carry a maximum weight of 70lbs, 35lbs for each bike. The installment of the rack is not complicated but requires taking a couple of minutes.

Your setup should be in forgo position, which offers you extra space when a rack is not in use. The grip arms should be at a good height, so raise the mast before clogging the bikes. Depending on frame design, some bikes may be chic to a position but most times, it should perform perfectly with a bit of tinkering.

Editorial Rating
  • The Swagman’s prominent design casts to the rack’s notable appeal and your car’s too.
  • The rack gags a sturdy design that’s carefully designed for smooth rides even in the bumpy road.
  • The mushy cushioning on the grip arms keeps bike frames protected from damage.
  • The rack is secured enough to carry your bikes. There are two gripping points at the frame and wheels which make it cumbersome for burglars to plunder the bikes. Moreover, for extra security one can separately buy a locking hitch pin.
  • The XC2 offers space for larger bike tires using separately
  • The hitch mount system used on this rack offers makes it more accord, owners should be grateful to the grip arms (hooks) and the wheel cradles that clasp the bike.
  • The setup is quite cinched but it takes a bit time to set the all tools in the right position. The process mainly requires protecting the rack into the hitch receiver and to be enough confidence that the connection is sturdy.
  • When bikes are vaulted, they may not let the driver’s rear view through the rear-view mirror especially on clunkers.
  • There is a push button system which is used to adjust grip arm positions is not easy to induce
  • While there’s some cushioning on the grip arms, they can produce some color off the frame with time if no extra padding is used.
  • Some bike frame structures are not facile to the position on this rack.
Impact Statement

The XC2 cross-country 2-bike hitch mount rack is a magnificent bike carrier that harbors a wide range of bike frames, types, and wheelbarrow sizes. It is quite durable and offers enough security, which you can even bolster using separately purchased tools. With a maximum load of 2 bikes, the XC2 is actually a congested one especially for families with more than 2 bikes to carry. That proves it is an amazing piece at this price in the market.

Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack (Luxury Choice)

Type: Pro Bike Rack

Notable Specifications

Bike capacity: It can take a load of 2 bikes.

Weight: It weighs 50 pounds.

Tire compatibility: It can accommodate for the road bike to 5.0″ fat tire.

The Thule T2 Pro XT 2 introduces the basic standard for hitch mounted tray style racks. After standing for too many grants the T2 Pro XT firmly stands in its position as the best hitch rack on the marketplace. The syntax of the T2 Pro XT is not the red cherry on the top, but the accomplishment of the design principle is eye-soothing, every landmark works as intended one and the result is a wrangle free rack that will manage nearly any bike on the market.

The Thule T2 Pro opens itself in the update version for which we’ve been waiting to address compatibility with bigger wheel sizes. But not only its capacity drenched with the updated version but also the T2 Pro becomes sturdier and easier to operate. The frame has been worked out effectively, moving parts have been rebuffed, and even the talk to the toe of the rack has been significantly redesigned with a compassionate developer. The Thule T2 Pro is an improvement in its own every way. Versatility and ease of use are at the sleek point. Hitch racks will amaze you with a box and have to be organized of your own. The old T2 took at least an hour to organize all the things together and there was room for any bug, increasing the opportunities of problems down the road. The new gem only snatches about 10 minutes. You just have to assemble the rails with eight bolts and install the lock cores according to your wish. The impressive addition of this rack that we haven’t observed in any of the competition is in installation and removal from your vehicle. Instead of a separate hitch bolt or pin that is tightened by a socket wrench, the Thule integrates a retractable hitch pin on the rack. Align it and feed it through. That’s it. This pin also acts as a fail safe mechanism that is really only necessary if the true retention mechanism gets loose. Here cam is used for the retention in the rack that expands itself to the hitch. This dispels play and wobble at the same time. Tightening is performed by a rubberized knob that centers a lock core. When locked, the knob fails to catch and keeps the rack secure. All the features in the world are in vain if the rack is not sturdy as well as beefy. These features keep the rack safe from any wobbling. The pivot system of it is incredibly easy-going and bland. The feature where the rack really sheens is that it is compatible with pretty much all known bikes and wheel sizes, from a road to 5.0″ fatties without demanding add-ons or reorganizing the arms. It is a reliable one with more vehicles now too, as it has four more inches of ground clearance compared to the previous edition. In addition, it includes two inches extra from the car so the hatch can be Ramos even with wider bars.

This rack is the shining package with impressive locking prominences including spring-return cables and a locking hitch cam mechanism. It can accommodate space for four-bike carrier and will look better working for it year after year with a premium and royal finish.

Editorial Rating
  • The installment is tool-free, incorporated in lock knob and hitch-pin
  • Dependable security system
  • Amazing appearance with an excellent finish
  • Tilt release function is quite easy
  • Tough structure
  • Easy compatible with fat bikes
  • Sliding arms could be tauter and wobble free
  • Side-to-side rail adjustability is quite compact
  • Quiet pricey
  • Not as mellifluous looking as competitors
Impact Statement

Every time a new model presents with a host of amazing features, we can’t help but become a little excited. Despite having a plethora of the best racks are here when we stepped to the market the T2 Pro is the one will soothe our desire. There are lighter competitors, handsome racks, and racks with better security prominences. The T2 Pro is the most intuitive model we have ever had, and the one-handed tilt feature is specially designed to stand firmly with the competitors. Frankly, depending on every other factor for us it is considered that the T2 is one of the most tenacious pieces of jewels we have ever used.

Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack (Economy Choice)

Type: Mounted Bike Rack

Notable Specifications

Carrying capacity: It can accommodate space for 3 bicycles.

Weight capacity: It can weigh 35 lbs per bike.

Carrier weight: The weight of the carrier is 11 lbs.

This Hollywood Racks 3-bike car rack amazes you at its first feature that it is quite compatible with most vehicles. It’s significantly inexpensive and secures your bikes really well.

This product is definitely considered one of the best 3 bike racks for transports and it comes in a preassembled way so it won’t create a headache. It has six attachment straps that would keep the rack secured and locked around the trunk of the vehicle. The straps own adjustment hubs that make the rack very user-friendly. This rack includes an additional integrated tie-down strap to ensure even more security. The rack comes with a soft rubber padding to secure the frames of the bikes. The rack is foldable for easy storage for you. The bike cradles each includes 6 inches of spacing in between. The space between the bike’s support arms is 15 inches. The rack weighs only 11 pounds. Though highly price worthy, this 3-bike car rack surprises you with several impressive features. The rack can carry three bikes totally, weighing around 70 pounds max. The installation is tool-free because the rack comes in a pre-assembled package. The installment of the rack to the car is fugitive and doesn’t take long. The hub adjustment system is very easy to use. The rack is well-blueprinted to provide enough protection to the finishes of all the bikes as the padding doesn’t necessarily enough to secure the car. The spacing between the rack and the vehicle is short so the chance of scratching is at fierce. When not in use, it folds flat to fit easily in any sized trunk so you don’t need to be worried to create accommodation for it. The manufacturer gives a limited lifetime warranty.

Editorial Rating
  • Quite a price worthy
  • Easy to carry as it is lightweight
  • Designed as a folded rack
  • It includes padding to protect bikes’ finishes
  • No tool required to install the rack
  • May create claw marks on your vehicle
  • Some reviewers from Amazon claimed the product as a rotten one
Impact Statement

This is regarded as an economical, reliable, and lightweight 3-bike rack that would be able to accommodate space for most types of vehicles. While the cushioning could be better to protect the finish of the vehicle, the price is quite economical. If the rack is carefully fitted to some space between the trunk and the rack, it would perform perfectly.

Yakima Frontloader Bike Mount (Other Choices)

Type: Frontloader Bike Mount

Notable Specifications

Number of Bikes: It offers accommodation for only 1-bike.
Max weight capacity: Its maximum weight capacity is per Bike (lbs) 18 in. Crossbar spread: 40 lbs.; 16 in.
crossbar spread: 30 lbs.
Dimensions: The dimensions of the gem is 142.2 cm X W 17.8 cm X H 19.1 cm.

The Yakima FrontLoader bike carrier appears itself as a user-friendly one, securing the bicycle tightly at the top by the front wheel and eliminating potential frame damage, and it easily creates accommodation for different wheel sizes.

The FrontLoader includes a two-piece contraption that at the front enlarges the front wheel, while the rear section is pre charged by the large red dial, effectively clamping the front wheel in right place. The rear wheel is hooped nicely with a moveable tray with a ratchet lash. The FrontLoader provides a nice feature to keep the bike by its wheels in the right position. The rear wheel then straps in place for additional security. The secret of the frontloader’s holding ability is all treasured in the front wheel. The FrontLoader’s guileless design keeps a spin knob to remain the front wheel brace in place. But removing the bike is a trickier process, especially in case of a heavier one. The rack is constructed to carry bikes with 20in wheels or larger. The rack is capable of to fit the tire widths above 2.5in. The FrontLoader appears as a conformable one for the users of the road and quite hybrid. FrontLoader comes with a twin-lock system, for which you need to purchase the SKS lock cores separately. One is for protecting the crossbars, while the other is to reinforce the cable firmly. Installation is quite smooth, user-friendly and straightforward.To prevent it from being stolen removing this wheel tray when not in use will be good. It appears to us as an excellent one for our bikes.

Editorial Rating
  • User Versatility
  • Installation is quite easy
  • Ease of encumbrance
  • Yakima One key system
  • Provides enough security for bike
  • Compatible to many tire sizes
  • Its front clamp kisses love bites on the crossbars
  • Creates wind noise
  • The range of adjustment on front knob needs to be improved
  • Extra features for better improvement can be added
  • One needs to buy SKS lock separately
  • Tough to mount bike for short people
Impact Statement

This user-friendly features of the gem are enough to drench the users with too many options for their bikes. It also appears as a complete package with a conformable price when buyers stepped to the market.

The Capstone Hitch Mount 2 Bike Carrier (Other Choices)

Type: Hitch Mount Bike Carrier

Notable Specifications

Product Dimensions: The product comes with the dimension of 31 x 19 x 40 inches
Material: The material of the product is aluminum
Product width: The width of the gem is 21.2

The Capstone Hitch Mount 2 Bike Carrier is constructed at its peak to provide safe and easy transportation for 2 bicycles with tires in a narrower version as 23mm. This well-structured bike carrier offers fold trays and a swing away prominence and the anti-wobble feature amazes you at its best by securing your prized bicycles still at the time of traveling. The Capstone Hitch Mount 2 bike carrier is constructed with tough aluminum and burnished in a durable high gloss gray powder coat. Dimensions of the rack are 31 x 19 x 40 inches and it loads 48.8 pounds with the shipping weight of 49 pounds. International Shipping can be done to the selected countries outside of the United States. Manufacturers are there to provide to customer service with warranty if requested.

Editorial Rating
  • Comes with tough aluminum construction
  • Capable of mounting 2 bicycles
  • Includes anti-wobble mechanism with 180° pivotal rotation
  • Easy Folding system
  • Can offer accommodation for fat bikes
  • The folding tire platforms to the various sliding components enable anyone to customize this rack to nearly any bike
  • The great piece of locking knobs includes a plus to it
  • This rack is labeled as a "fat tire" bike rack. They seem quite short for my 4.5-inch fat tires. One needs to find something to replace these lashes
  • The anti-tip receiver tightening design plays well but you require a wrench to remove the rack. It would have been nice if you own another lockable knob bolt for use here
Impact Statement

This one offers you not to waste too much money from your pocket with amazing features. It provides the opportunity to grab the precious at a fraction of the price. The only thing where it could excel at a prominent version is letting people be comfortable taking it into the parking ramp. Although it takes time to put on and off with screwing a ratchet wrench or drill driver make give a solution to the problem.

Saris Bones 801 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack (Other Choices)

Type: Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Notable Specifications

Colour: black; blue; grey; orange; pink; red; yellow.
Capability: This trunk mounted rack offers space up to three bikes, up to 35 pounds each.

The Saris Bones 3-Bike car rack was opened to a few years ago with a clever construction which made it become suitable for a huge range of cars – including many which were unable to hold bikes externally without expensive modifications. It is painted through a rainbow of colors and has the ability to carry three bikes and retailing at £156. The Bones arrived in a well-decorated packaging without any prior assembly required.
The Saris Bones 801 3 Bike Trunk Mount Bike Rack was sketched by the famous Fabio Pedrini, and it offers definitely much more than a bike rack does. This Trunk Mount Bike Rack is a tremendous box of style, efficiency, ductility, durability, and reliability. Saris claim the jewel as one of the bestselling bike racks in the world! In order to perform like a pro, it needs to amaze you with some basic features including easy installation, ease of use etc. This jewel unleashes itself with carrying arms and ratchet thrashes that hold your bikes in the right position. It also offers anti-sways and rubber feetThe spring buckles and vinyl glazed hooks securely strap to your car to ensure appropriate stability. The rack has a design with the cured formation which enables it to fit virtually to any car. The Saris Bones 801 rack is built of recyclable plastic which is obviously good news for the green savers. Loading and unloading bikes on and off are bland and this won’t give you chances to proclaim anything. Another cherry on the top cream that will bring a wide smile to your face is that at the time of buying this rack you’ll become one of the contributors to charity cause: “Pink and Purple”. This amazing initiative offers $5 of each sale to the human research-related purposes

Editorial Rating
  • Fortunate the bikes to be carried by a wide range of cars
  • Provide quite good security
  • Appears itself in an intelligent design
  • Readily available at market
  • Folds up into a small size which won’t occupy wider space
  • Price-worthy
  • The quality of the construction could be improved in places
  • You can’t lock it easily to all cars
  • Takes more time to fit than a tow bar or roof rack
  • Unfortunately, it provides more movement than a tow bar or roof rack
Impact Statement

The Bones 3-Bike car rack surprises anyone with its excellent price value and can be hinged on to safely transport your bikes as long as you take care when fitting. It can be a good option even with sports cars, however, tightening up straps can create little hassle if used daily. It provides the opportunities for refinement like the metal bolts can replace the plastic screws and an improved ratchet mechanism for the straps can be constructed. The Bones relies on the user tying up the excess cash, which seems like a reflection of the intelligent core design.

Tyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier Rack (Other Choices)

Type: Auto Deluxe Bike Carrier Rack

Notable Specifications


Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Deluxe 3-bike car rack is well suited for budget users to want to enjoy the drops of rain without getting themselves drabbled. The price is significantly quite cheap if we set a comparison to brands like Thule, but the quality doesn’t let you utter a single complain because of it. This model can offer you suitable space for most types of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, minivans, and even hatchbacks. This bike rack is constructed to keep the bikes away from the body of the vehicle so that it can’t kiss love bites to the painted areas. The frame is lower and well-cushioned. The product is gemmed with safety straps that is an amazing feature. The cradles are individually padded to secure bike frames and protect them from scratching by hitting the rack frame. The rack owns the very tough structure. It is revived by a black OE standard rust-resistant E-Coating. This model of the rack is specially designed for regular vehicles and would not provide accommodation for longer vehicles like RVs that are over 18 feet in length. It’s also not recommended for vehicles that have rear spoilers. This well-padded carrier does its job simply by keeping bikes in place. The construction is long-lasting and durable, especially considering the low price. The rack is easy to install on a trunk as well. The rack in a pre-assembled way so the actual installation process is tool-free and won’t consume more than a matter of minutes. The manufacturer brings a smile with a lifetime warranty with each purchase as well. The straps are a quite excellent addition for securing the bike. However, the straps giggle together with small metal clip buckles that don’t look sturdy and ductile at all. The frame itself is very blander so it’s easy to handle. However, due to the flimsiness of the strap holders, it’s recommended not to use in the rack space to accommodate heavy bikes in this. The bike car rack can be easily dispelled its thanks to the strap design. It requires only seconds to unhook the bikes or remove the rack entirely.

Editorial Rating
  • This jewel comes into a budget-friendly price
  • Can be easily fitted to most types of vehicles
  • Tools in a subtle way
  • Easy to descend
  • No corrosion coat is there to damage
  • Offer owners with a lifetime warranty
  • Baseless securing pairs for straps
Impact Statement

This 3-bike carrier is considered a rack featured with versatile gems in budget-friendly price. The trunk rack is bonded tightly with straps, but the lash buckles that hold the weight of the bikes and helps to keep the bikes at the right position are not trustworthy. However, if you own standard bikes, that should not bother you with problems.

When you are searching for an SUV bike rack, you have adequate options to be acknowledged, but your final choice will recline on the design of the vehicle, how many bikes you decide to accommodate and how often you will transport holding your bikes. If you and your partner are making a gimmick to only go cycling on a very full moon, a trunk rack or a spare tire SUV bike rack will thrive at colossal. If you and your whole clan go biking second to none, often too far away places, you will probably consider a hitch bike rack with adapters for alternative frame bikes. If you don’t require to carry bikes very often but also hanker to freak out other outdoor sports, a roof rack is just designed to accomplish your wish whatever you choose, be sure to go through every possible research and consider the reviews for the specific product you have in mind.