Types of Bike Rack for SUV

There are a great variety of bike racks shining in the market in all kinds of shapes, stringencies, and designs. However, they are not all considered as prominent one for SUVs, and even not all of them are compatible with your specific vehicle. Before stepping to the market to buy an SUV bike rack, it is very essential to weigh all of your options and to know the merits and demerits of each model. Here the dearest SUV bike rack manufacturers include Thule, Allen, Yakima, and Swagman.

Bike rack mounting synopsis for SUVs can be grouped into 4 groups and we’ll here try our very best to discuss every sharp detail of each below:

  • Hitch Mounted Bike Racks
  • Strap-on Trunk Racks
  • Spare Tire Bike Racks
  • Roof Mounted Bike Racks

SUV Hitch Mount Racks

If you are an observant and your eyes are searching for something that requires less exertion, an SUV hitch mount rack might just be the Band-Aid for you. Most mediums present themselves with a hitch mount, but you need to go through every moment, to ensure you catch the right fit.

Hitch mount bike racks materialize in a huge variety can arrange harbor 2 to 5 bikes. Although they don’t act like a multipurpose instrument, hitch mount bike racks for SUVs will protect the bicycles out of the wind. Bikes will remain its position with Velcro straps, trays or a vertical staff. Hitch mounts are the most famous medium to fit a bike rack to any vehicle at the moment without any qualms. This can stand as a heavenly raindrop for you to get a very sturdy stable platform and the number of options in favor of this aspect.

  • A good choice within a limited budget
  • Hard and durable mounting option
  • Not permanently glued to SUV
  • Present them as more aerodynamic racks
  • May appear as obstacle one for a rear door
  • Won’t able to accommodate space with spare tires on the back
  • Swing-away models are quite pricey
  • May create a problem for rear license plate and taillights, or driver’s rear view

SUV Strap-On Trunk Bike Racks

If you don’t wish to ride your bikes on the roof, a trunk rack is butter on the top. The installment is very easy and doesn’t require many instruments. Trunk style racks are also easy to carry for their light-weight that’s why it is easy to make to fit position at different vehicles in one family.

These racks are definitely provided better accomplishment for a hatchback than an SUV. Most trunk mounts only demand for cables or nylon lashes with hooks. Also, be definitive to collect some feedback from friends or online sources and search for that jewel which will not damage the color of your car. While most trunk bike racks are constructed in such a way that alleviates this potential hazard, you can, unfortunately, become drenched with this unhappy surprise in the form of small love bites or even dents to your trunk if not cautious enough.

  • This gems can fit too many different vehicles
  • Easy to off and on
  • Quite concise storage
  • Comparatively less expensive
  • Play eminent role for occasional use and short trips
  • Seems more aerodynamic than others
  • They are one of the best choices for smaller numbers of bikes
  • May create a hassle for rear view, or taillights and license plate
  • One can’t lock it always
  • Risk of damaging the color of the vehicle when attaching the hooks
  • Demand constant checkups during the journey

SUV Spare Tire Bike Racks

If your SUV need to carry the spare tire at the back and it requires to arrange accommodation one or two bikes at a time, a spare tire bike rack might be the quick fix for which you are questing for. Most spare tire racks can bear only two bicycles at a time and installment is as easy as to paint your nails. Just like the trunk bike racks, spare tire racks also leash onto the back wheel and are light, firm and easy to hoard. Some spare tire bike racks are actually structured to avow you easy access to the rear of your vehicle even with the bike mounted. This should be taken with pretty consideration. Be sure to evaluate to pick the eminent one for your specific vehicle. Besides you have to be firstly enough noxious about the fact that access the car make sure the bike will not scratch or bruise other unexpected parts of the cars when oscillated open while mounted. There are some pretty features behind them to choose an emergency wheel mounted bike rack though.

  • Quite cheap
  • Easy to systemize the rack accordingly
  • You need not go for high lifting
  • There is direct contact existed between vehicle and bikes
  • Need to abolish tire covers
  • Suspended bikes may cradle when traveling
  • An anti-theft option is quite limited
  • May create obstacle the rear view or license plate and taillights

Roof Bike Racks for SUV

Roof racks are adroit and versatile with the right elements. Roof racks are very sturdy and hard and allow you to bear the bikes out of sight. But big trouble is you will have to lift the bikes over your head. It is not a roof rack is certainly not for the delicate-hearted people.

This is kind of true if you are adorning on going on biking trips regularly you have to make a clear note that, your SUV might not create a dilemma. If your vehicle is already decorated with a roof rack or crossbars, you may have to step into the market for an adapter and this can be a cost-effective solution. You get various kind of mounts, some will clasp onto the bike’s front wheel.

  • Has the ability to store other cargo as well
  • Often bears to 5 bikes
  • A supportive option for alternative-frame bikes
  • Quite balanced and hard
  • Don’t make problems for the driver’s rear view
  • Relatively cheap
  • They require to lift bicycles overhead
  • They are regarded as less aerodynamic, which will make it heavier on gas
  • Create wind noise
  • In high crosswinds, they might act as unstable one
  • Height restrictions can be applicable
  • One may not be able to fit the bikes

A Quick Guide To Picking The Right SUV Bike Rack

If you’re on the ground of the market for a bike rack and you also own an SUV then this guide to the best SUV bike racks is there to help you to quest the right one.

However, all of these can be a good solution according to your needs. This is why you should make notes to the described points below before deciding perfect one:

The first thing you have to consider the number of bikes you have to fit your rack. While looking for a bike rack always make a great consideration of the maximum amount of bikes you will need to lift and make the best use of the point to select the right bike rack
If you own an SUV then you can have a hitch rack or a spare tire rack and still get into the trunk. If you are planning to go on a trip along your luggage or bikes are you’ll also be ferrying a lot of things in the trunk then you don’t need to remove the rack just to access the boot. If you need to access the trunk then go according to this
First, ask yourself how often do you use? If the answer is every day they won’t matter if it is complicated to fit as it will stay in the perfect place all the time. However, you use them for vacations and other occasional use then you need to quest for a very easy fit.
If you want to keep it off your SUV then you require space at home to place a space for it. If you desire to travel with it on the vehicle then you should require rack that will permit you to use the trunk and other parts of your vehicle easily.
You must conclude how much you desire to fall from your bag on your chosen bike rack before you start searching for. There are many jewels with awesome features options available that won’t break the bank. For more, you have to fall more on it. But it is necessary to assess the basic features of the product and the reputation of the manufacturer. You may get some honest responses through the help of internet. As always, you need to be careful of some negative reviews.

All the things listed above will be a favorable mentor to show you the right path.


Now, if you are still having trouble deciding a Bike Rack for SUV, check our expert’s list of Best Bike Rack for SUV.